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The requirements for EGSSA Fellowship are same as that for the qualification certificate. The candidate has to work for one year in approved teaching centers in Egypt and abroad.

  • The candidate must be an orthopedic surgeon specialist.

  • He must fulfil a Surgical cataloge of attending open and arthroscopic shoulder surgeries.

  • Be involved in two scientific projects approved by the EGSSA Research Committee while attending the fellowships in the approved teaching centers under the supervision of the chief of the Department.

  • He should attend Lectures program in EGSSA Approved courses and congresses.

EGSSA Shoulder and Elbow Curriculum

1-The First Column of the Curriculum is based on educational points granted for participation in International Congresses and Coursesorganized by EGSSA or under EGSSA patronage.
The candidate must attend 100 hours of the Shoulder lectures (10 Basic, 40 Trauma, 50 Elective) and 20 hours of the Elbow lectures (10 Basic, 20 Trauma, 20 Elective) at these congresses/courses.

2- The Second Column of the Curriculum is based on completing visiting fellowships at recognized EGSSA teachingcenters. EGSSA teaching centers will be accredited based on a desire to be included as a teaching center and on an application to EGSSA Qualification Committee which fulfils 50 points on an 80-pointscale of criteria agreed with the Executive Committee, and published on the EGSSA website.

The fellowship program will start on oct.1.2021

Application for fellowships starts on January 1 till April 1

Notification of approval will be on 1.7.2021

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